Suggestions for dairy farmers



A high cell count in milk is not merely a summertime problem. For dairy farmers, impairments to udder health can lead to substantial financial losses over longer periods. Thus therapy with a withdrawal period of 0 days is just what the doctor ordered.
What the ingredients in Phytolacca S-logoplex effectively do is to eliminate the harmful inflammatory products from the mammary gland (purging the terrain) and to detox the entire organism with support from the important detox functions that the liver provides. Gland tissue regeneration, hardening of the udder tissue and significant changes in secretion are also positively influenced.

Characteristics of the ingredients:
Phytolacca americana is indicated for the treatment of hardened glandular tissue and painful lumps. It normalises a sluggish or irregular flow of milk and hence 'washes out the inflammation'.
Acidum silicicum (silicea), the proven medicinal product for the treatment of chronic ailments and metabolic disorders, is indicated for chronic and acute mastitis, hardening and lumps in the udders and teats, as well as for a high cell count in the milk.
Arnica, the 'absorption agent' with anti-inflammatory, coagulation and wound healing properties, finds a complement in atropa belladonna, the effects of which on acute inflammatory symptoms has been proven for all local ailments, including mastitis.
Calcium sulfuricum acts on fibroid purulence processes and on cystic tumours.
Calcium fluoratum for lumpy hardening of the glands, mammary fibroma.
Acidum formicicum exudative diathesis and glandular swelling.
Hepar sulfuris is described among others for the treatment of swelling and tension of the mammary glands, a sensation of pain in the glandular tissue, distinct changes in secretion (purulent, at times watery and flocculent-opaque) and mastitis. It purifies the lymphatic system and the entire mesenchyma of metabolic toxins and pathogenic toxins.
Lophophytum leandri (flor de piedra) has a profound effect on the liver, the central bovine detox organ, and can also influence metabolic processes to improve udder health This medicinal product is indicated for chronic processes when the liver is primarily or secondarily involved in pathogenic activity, e.g. also following septic mastitis.